Join the European Network of Entrepreneurial Villages and attract the business world to your municipality.

The rural world throughout Europe is suffering from the phenomenon of depopulation.

In Spain, this problem affects 42% of the municipalities (INE), which see how their youngest inhabitants leave the villages to look for work and future in the big urban centers.

Thus, the European Parliament estimates that 78% of the population is grouped in cities and that this trend is far from stopping.

More and more villages will lose public and private services, resulting in increasing loneliness and isolation.

You can change this trend

Changing the economic structure of a town does not depend only on public administration or private initiative: it requires a joint effort in which both parties benefit.

New technologies now allow new ways of entrepreneurship, apart from the agricultural work that characterizes the rural world. Now any digital business can be launched anywhere: an online store, a financial advisory service, or a graphic design studio are just a few examples.

Thanks to this, many entrepreneurs are opting for a nomadic lifestyle, taking their business and laptop from one place to another to constantly live new experiences that make them gain creativity and get away from the suffocating atmosphere of the city.

You already know how vital teleworking has been in these pandemic times and how it has helped us realize that many jobs can be done anywhere, but did you know that this trend was already becoming fashionable before?

This trend is not stopping either. More than 10 million people across Europe are already looking for a comfortable and quiet place to live and create an ideal business environment for rural areas.

Is your village ready?

Digital nomads and small local entrepreneurs need to find an appropriate environment to develop their projects and bring wealth and innovation to the rural world.

To help them in their search, we have created the European Network of Entrepreneurial Villages. It is a network of villages all over Europe where they will find all the necessary to work smoothly while enjoying a rich and welcoming rural environment.

What do we mean by requirements?

Internet connection

Essential to be able to work remotely. We can’t expect to be found in this new digital world without high-quality internet.


entrepreneurs can’t thrive without adequate space to work and interact with others. Whether as a coworking space or a nest of companies, a town must facilitate the installation of a new area.


Services: when entrepreneurs spend time looking for how to get what they need, they are not growing.Therefore, the town must have complementary services such as a supermarket, a copy shop, basic medical services…

Impulse yourvillage

We know that meeting all these requirements may seem very demanding, but we believe that the benefits obtained from them are significant both to attract digital nomads and encourage business development in the area.

Aren't you convinced? Check out some of the benefits of being an Entrepreneurial Village!

Belonging to a network of European villages.

Enhancement of the natural and cultural richness of the municipality.

Greater social, economic, and advertising impact.

Creation of courses, events, and congresses on rural and digital entrepreneurship created by our collaborators.

A modern village in the same world you love.

When we imagine the future, we think of villages that presume that agriculture or a particular industry is not their main economic sector. They boast an entrepreneurial fabric and a dynamic business environment proudly without losing the essence of the village.

We also dream of very different people who benefit from the facilities provided by these environments to continue growing as people and as professionals while mixing with young people who no longer have to migrate to the cities.

But above all, we know that the future is already here, and you can make it start in your town.

Please submit your application and ask us to go and check that your village has everything to become an Entrepreneurial Village.

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If you have any questions, ask us without obligation, and we will solve them!